cork shoe insoles

10€ EUR

cork shoe insoles

10€ EUR

Our cork shoe insoles are made of 100% natural cork. They cushion each step taking care of the joints

 Cork keeps feet cool and dry

The cork is a good thermal insulation, acting as a thermal transmission barrier between the floor and the inside of the shoe.

- Cork is a great isolation of static electricity.

- The cork is a 100% flexible material and does not break when folded (Newcork) facilitating the movements of the foot when walking.

- Cork is a comfortable material when resting your foot on it.

- The cork material lets the foot perspire.

Our celestial comfort cork template

• Absorbs impacts

• Guarantees unique comfort

• Integral padding

• Ensures a smooth ride

• Take care of your joints and vertebrae

• Interchangeable cork insole

• It adapts to your footprint, then returning to its previous state without suffering deformations, due to the great elasticity of the material.

• Smells do not adhere: Let the air pass through the natural pores of the same cork.

• It is waterproof: Water does not wet the cork, thus hindering the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

• It is sustainable and ecological: It is a material that complies with ecological restrictions while being friendly to the environment.

• It is of proximity: Most of the cork is extracted from Spain and Portugal, without cutting down any trees

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